Labiaplasty Before and After Pictures in Baltimore

An oversized labia can cause embarrassment, discomfort, or self-consciousness. At Facial Plastic Surgicenter Dr. Emile N. Brown offers labiaplasty to women residing in and around Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Annapolis.

What is a Labiaplasty?

A labiapasty is a cosmetic surgery performed on your most intimate areas to help correct oversized or protruding labia lips. This surgical technique can be used to reduce the size of the labia minora or the labia majora, otherwise known as the inner and outer lips of the vagina. Women with an irregular labia may feel pain or discomfort during sports, intercourse, or even when wearing tight clothing, like bathing suits. For some women, even sitting or standing can be uncomfortable.

What is the Cost of a Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is considered an elective procedure, and therefore it is typically not covered by insurance. During your initial consultation our team will discuss your body goals and assess the cost to achieve your desired results. Also during your consultation one of our patient coordinators can help you understand the payment and financing options.

Labiaplasty Before and After Pictures in Baltimore, MD

Women who feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with the size of their labia may benefit from a labiaplasty procedure by Dr. Emile N. Brown. Many women who have experienced pregnancy or childbirth may desire a labiaplasty procedure to help correct any issues that may have arisen as a result. For a better idea of what the potential results of a labiaplasty may look like, please browse the following before and after pictures of women residing in and around Baltimore, Washington DC, and Annapolis.

Labiaplasty Case 1

Dr. Emile N. Brown of Facial Plastic Surgicenter provides labiaplasty to the women of Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, and other nearby neighborhoods. Contact our facility to schedule your personalized consultation today.