Liposuction Before and After Pictures in Baltimore

Have you struggled to lose weight and reduce excess skin or fat in certain areas throughout your body? Dr. Emile N. Brown offers residents of Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis, and the neighboring communities in Maryland advanced liposuction treatments.

What is Liposuction?

Laser liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that is beneficial in reducing unwanted body fat via a suctioning process. Patients often request liposuction to help them shed excess fat in areas such as the arms, stomach, back, thighs, and buttocks. Ideal liposuction candidates are at a stable weight but have had trouble reducing stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas of the body.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction procedures are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. The cost will vary based on the target areas and the amount of correction desired. Many patients opt to combine liposuction with other cosmetic surgical procedures, which will affect the final cost. During your initial consultation the overall cost of your treatment will be determined. Our patient coordinator will also review pricing and financing options.

Liposuction Before and After Pictures in Baltimore, MD

Liposuction procedures can be used to help patients address pockets of fat and excess tissue that are had to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. Throughout the last decade, liposuction has become increasingly popular and has seen a number of advancements in the techniques and treatments available. Our before-and-after pictures below help patients develop a better understanding of liposuction results.

Liposuction Case 1

Liposuction Case 2

Liposuction Case 3

Liposuction Case 4

Liposuction Case 5

Dr. Emile N. Brown offers residents of Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, D.C., and other nearby cities liposuction treatment. Contact us today for more information.