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Skin Care Products in Baltimore

There are many different skin care products on the market to aid in skin rejuvenation, and at Facial Plastic Surgicenter we recommend the best skin care products to our patients in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland.

About Skin Care Treatments

Smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin can be achieved with effective skin care products and an individualized skin care program. Skin improvement and corrections are maximized with customized acid peel treatments. This combination produces resilient skin, softens fine lines and wrinkles, improves pigmentation and melasma, unclogs and minimizes pores.

We offer the following treatments for smoother and healthier looking skin.

Skin Care Consultation

Full skin analysis to develop a skin transformation plan.

Designer Peel Treatments

Mandelic, Pyruvic, Jessners, Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids. Designed to restore, clarify, tighten, hydrate and/or heal the skin.


Dry ice treatment for acne, rosacea, and hormonal breakouts.

AFA Clay-Peel Treatment

An acidified amino acid antioxidant exfoliator. Refines enlarged pores and smooths texture. No downtime.

Refinity® Peel Treatment

A lunchtime peel that rejuvenates and brightens the complexion.

Perfect 10

Improves tone, skin radiance and luminosity. Lightens dark spots and unclogs pores.

Vl® Peel

New formulations to treat sensitive to problematic skin and acne prone skin.

Obagi Blue® Peel

Specialized deep peel used to firm and correct sun damaged skin on the body, neck, chest, hands, arms and thighs.

Vitamin C Peel Treatment

An antioxidant treatment for special events. Leaves skin radiant, smooth and tight for 36 to 48 hours.

Professional Skin Care Products

Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown understand that it can be confusing to choose the right product for your skin. We offer you the opportunity to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable aestheticians to discuss the right product for the results you desire.

The following are the skin care products that Facial Plastic Surgicenter currently provides to patients in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland, depending on their needs:

Avene® XeraCalm

Designed for especially dry skin, Avene® XeraCalm replenishes lipids to restore moisture and reduce itchiness and scaling. Those with serious skin conditions, such as eczema and atopic dermatitis, will find it alleviates much of the associated discomfort. Avene® XeraCalm contains no perfumes whatsoever, and is therefore gentle enough to use anywhere on the face or body.


This line contains glycolic acid and time-released antioxidants to repair damage and restore skin health. Avene® Glytone® is ideal for anyone suffering from redness, poor texture, or an uneven skin tone, as the glycolic acid acts as a mild exfoliant to expose a more radiant complexion.


Thanks to advances in science, Biopelle® has developed products that promote new, healthy skin cell growth. The result is rejuvenated skin that looks and feels younger. Part medicine and part cosmetic treatment, the Biopelle® line can provide you with a fresh, glowing complexion no matter what your age.


Part of having healthy skin involves the right skin care regimen. That’s where Elta MD® comes in, providing a full line of products that are perfect for everyday use, as well as ones that will help you prevent harmful UV damage from the sun.


Epionce® was developed by a dermatologist in response to some specific skin care concerns of his patients. A great deal of research went into the development of Epionce®, which uses only the finest botanicals and other ingredients. The result is products that firm and tighten the skin to reduce wrinkles and other common signs of aging.


Glytone® addresses mild signs of aging as well as moderate signs of acne and hyperpigmentation. Designed for professional use, it provides such dramatic results that it has even been hailed in publications such as Allure and New Beauty.


With most skin care lines, you’ll need one product for moisturizing and another for preventing sun damage. That’s not the case with Isdin®, which offers products that perform both functions. They even provide combinations that will oxidize and restore youthfulness to tired, aging skin.

Jane Iredale®

At Jane Iredale®, their motto is “Feed, Fortify, Finish.” In keeping with that motto, they provide holistic supplements, skin care products, and cosmetics to help you look and feel your best. Each step in the process is intended to provide very specific, long-lasting results, while also helping you improve the overall health of your skin.


The skin on your body can appear dull and lackluster just as the skin on your face and neck can. NeoCutis® provides solutions that are perfect for the face and body through their line of micro-body™ and micro-essentials™.  Enjoy a customized treatment plan to address your specific aging concerns and help you look younger from head to toe.


Repairing damaged skin is the key to looking younger. The Neova® skin line promotes skin repair through their patented formulas, which provide copper peptides, antioxidants, and DNA repair enzymes into the deeper layers of your skin. This helps control free radicals and stimulate healthy skin cell growth.

Obagi® Medical

Obagi’s® medical line of skin care products address a variety of issues ranging from acne to fine lines and wrinkles. With Obagi for Life®, you will find products suitable for every stage and for any skin condition you can imagine. Obagi® does contain prescription-strength formulas, and is therefore available only through licensed physicians.

Phyto-C Skincare

Phyto-C hails themselves as “leaders in natural product chemistry.” Their line contains natural ingredients such as vitamin C and antioxidants to erase fine lines and wrinkles and restore brighter skin. Since Phyto-C contains natural ingredients, it is safe even for those with very sensitive skin.

Revision® Skincare

Revision® offers products that cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize, and correct damage. Their moisturizers are lightly tinted, allowing you to avoid wearing foundation that might clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Revision® has been highlighted in such publications as Here and Beyond and Harper’s Bazaar.


This bioengineered, science-based skin care line provides firmer, more elastic skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Sente utilizes HSA technology to promote healthy skin and provide users with a more radiant appearance.

Skin Better Science®

Skin Better Science® was created by the same folks who developed Restyalne® and Dysport®, two of the world’s most popular dermal fillers. Based upon scientific research, their formulas deliver exceptional results, allowing users to visibly reduce many of the most common signs of aging.


SkinMedica® boasts that they “transform results from the inside out.” Developed by physicians, their line of products is designed to promote healthy skin that in turn appears fresher and more youthful than before. SkinMedica® products work to improve texture, while also prevent free radical damage.

In addition to the above products, we offer our very own skin line along with the following:

  • AFA™ – Amino Acid Skincare
  • Circadia
  • Hymed/Hylunia®
  • iS Clinical®
  • PCA Skin®
  • Vi Derm®

The Facial Plastic Surgicenter distributes skin care products in accordance with the Maryland Dispensing Law as issued by the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

At Facial Plastic Surgicenter, we urge you to remember that everyone is different, and your comfort with the surgeons is just as important as the final price. Our aesthetician recommends skin care products for our patients from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland, and would love a chance to discuss skin care product options with you! Contact us at our Baltimore office to schedule a consultation and discuss all of your options.

*Individual results may vary.
*Timeframe for recovery varies by patient.

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