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SkinMedica® in Baltimore

Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown offer SkinMedica® skin care products for patients in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland.


As someone ages, they gain insight, experience, and wisdom. Unfortunately, while an individual’s character and mind grow stronger, their skin becomes weaker, leading to an aged appearance. As the human body ages, it produces less collagen leading to reduced elasticity, increased sagginess and loss of youthful volume. Fine lines and wrinkles appear where someone once had full and youthful skin. SkinMedica® is a clinically tested skin care product line created to restore the key ingredients found in young skin to provide a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Benefits of SkinMedica® Skin Care

As one of the leading skin care products in the world, SkinMedica® delivers results that include:

  • Improves skin health with retinol and antioxidants
  • Real visible results that are long-lasting
  • Easy to use as part of a current daily skin care regimen
  • Recommended for any skin type, including dry, oily or sensitive skin


The human body has an incredible ability to rejuvenate and heal itself and the SkinMedica® line of products works with the skin’s natural healing capacity. SkinMedica® products contain restorative ingredients that work beneath the skin’s surface to regenerate the health of skin to counteract the effects of time. The recovery compounds found in SkinMedica® products range from:

  • Vitamins
  • Retinol
  • Soluble collagen
  • Antioxidants
  • Matrix proteins
  • Growth factors

With consistent daily use of SkinMedica® products, anyone will begin to see noticeable results. At Facial Plastic Surgicenter in Baltimore, allow us to customize a treatment plan that is perfect for smoothing and refreshing the skin.


The GRASS regimen is designed by SkinMedica® to help individuals find their optimal skin care routine. Each letter represents a product category, and it is important to combine products from these categories to create a personal skin care plan. Our team at Facial Plastic Surgicenter is here to help patients identify the exact products most beneficial for their unique skin type and budget.

G = Growth Factors

These products contain a high concentration of TNS, a patented serum that contains naturally occurring:

  • Matrix proteins
  • Cytokines
  • Soluble collagen
  • Antioxidants
  • Growth factors

R = Retinol

SkinMedica® offers three strengths of retinol complex, including 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0. Retinol helps in enhancing skin texture while reducing the appearance of skin discolorations and wrinkles. Vitamin E and peptides help to ensure a patient’s skin is soft, hydrated and protected against free radical damage.

A = Antioxidants

Everyone’s skin is exposed to damaging free radicals on a daily basis, but the SkinMedica® skin care products have antioxidant ingredients containing high levels of vitamins C and E to combat free radical damage.

S = Specialty Products

After assessing a patient’s skin and discussing their concerns, our team at Facial Plastic Surgicenter can identify the best SkinMedica® products to address specific skin conditions.

S = Sun Protection

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends selecting a sun protection factor product with broad-spectrum long wave ultraviolet A and short wave ultraviolet B protection. We help patients choose an SPF product that is best for their needs.

Preparing For Skinmedica® Skin Care

SkinMedica® products are scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging by preventing the damage caused by free radicals. A patient’s skin feels noticeably better after just one use and continued use of the products reduces or fades fine lines, wrinkles, and other flaws.

How Much Does Skinmedica® Skin Care Cost?

The cost of SkinMedica® skin care products depends on the type recommended for a patient’s skin. After selecting products, we can provide a total cost. Patients can pay for products with cash, credit cards or personal checks.

Is Skinmedica® Skin Care Right For Me?

The manufacturers of SkinMedica® skin care products have created formulations for every age group and skin type. At Facial Plastic Surgicenter, we help patients choose the products right for them after a personal consultation.

At Facial Plastic Surgicenter, we urge you to remember that everyone is different, and your comfort with the surgeons is just as important as the final price. Our aesthetician recommends SkinMedica® for our patients from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland and would love a chance to discuss skin care product options with you! Contact us at our Baltimore office to schedule a consultation and discuss all of your options.

*Individual results may vary.
*Timeframe for recovery varies by patient.

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