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Dr. Kontis’s Testimonials in Baltimore

The entire experience was wonderful – Dr. Kontis and all of the staff were welcoming and all of my questions (and anxieties) were answered. *Individual results may vary. – B.K., Baltimore, Maryland 

Had urgent rhinoplasty/septoplasty status post trauma. It’s so nice to have a doctor that goes the extra mile to take care of truly urgent issues. My outcome would have been very cosmetically and functionally impaired had Dr. Kontis not seem me the same day I called in for appt. THANK YOU, DR. KONTIS!!! I would definitely use her should I have the desire to have “cosmetic” procedures. *Individual results may vary.
– B.K., Ellicott City, Maryland

I am from New York, living part time in Baltimore. Being 48 and Irish my skin and face is dissolving slowly and I had a New York doctor who is highly regarded. I have a visible scar though my lip area and my overall skin quality is diminishing. I met Dr. Kontis and made an appointment because she seemed like a doctor who would listen and assess. I was not wrong.
She has a double qualification in both plastic surgery and Otolaryngology. She also wrote a book on injectables and it is used as a text book in universities. She teaches at Johns Hopkins.
She took serious time with my skin and features and we did Restylane silk for my upper lip and other areas. She judiciously told me to wait on a more aggressive treatment and gave me an alternative. She is right.
At some point I will have my eyelids lifted, Dr Kontis will be my surgeon. My scarred lip looks amazing. My skin will recover. But my confidence in this woman who is so overqualified to even look at my face is complete. She is kind, takes time and is so congenial and cares.
Travel from anywhere to see her. *Individual results may vary.

This is one the BEST medical processes I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Kontis was so professional yet caring. Her staff is absolutely wonderful! I am at such ease and I feel like I’m in very capable hands! #YouGuysRock! *Individual results may vary.

I have been to many plastic surgeons in the past and I have to say this was the best experience I have ever had with a doctor and her assistant Karen. *Individual results may vary.

Doctor Kontis is very skilled with fillers. Staff was helpful and friendly. Dr Kontis reviewed surgical options and did not rush the appt. *Individual results may vary.

Dr. Kontis is amazing, brilliant, and very thoughtful! *Individual results may vary.

I am completely satisfied that Dr. Kontis understands my condition and how to improve it. She was kind, friendly, and very informative answering all of my questions and concerns. She called me later the same day as my visit to go over CT scan results. Her office and staff are friendly and welcoming. Her administrative support answered every question right away and was a pleasure to work with. Her website is packed with information and before and after pictures. Every photo shows real improvement. I’m happy and looking forward to my procedure. I have waited years to do this and I’m glad I did so that I could find Dr. Kontis. She came highly recommended by my own doctor.” *Individual results may vary.

-Chandra C. – Google Plus Review

Dr. Kontis,

I have been a patient of Dr. Kontis for over ten years. She is truly the best in her field. She is thorough and will review your “issues” in an honest and professional manner. She will work with you step-by-step to help you achieve your goals. While I have tried other doctors through “Groupon” and similar types of promotions, I always end up going back to Dr. Kontis. My face has never looked better. I owe it all to her. *Individual results may vary.

-W.J. Reisterstown, MD

Dr. Kontis,

I am truly forever appreciative and grateful for your beautiful work. Your surgical skill, kindness and compassion have forever changed my opinion of surgeons and you have a lifelong advocate and friend. *Individual results may vary.

-C.T, Ashburn, VA

After a year of researching physicians in DC, MD, VA and NY, I decided on Dr. Kontis. Dr. Kontis and her staff had wonderful bedside manner, were super friendly, and very knowledgeable. I’m extremely picky and an absolute perfectionist when it comes to my skin. I wanted the most natural results possible and I got exactly that. Dr. Kontis is incredibly skilled and gives you the results you are looking for! I was a bit bruised and swollen for about 5 days, so you have to give it some time to see your full results and allow for full recovery. I can’t say enough great things about her and her staff. I couldn’t be happier and my highest recommendation! *Individual results may vary.

-From RealSelf

What can be said about a person who has given you back your life and self-esteem? Ten years ago Dr. Kontis and I met under the most devastating of circumstances. I was diagnosed with skin cancer and underwent MOHS surgery, during which my entire nose was removed. Upon that occasion Dr. Kontis was recommended as the facial plastic surgeon of choice and the doctor that could fix the damage that had been done. What a very lucky day that was for me! The day of surgery began a long and yes, arduous recovery but it also began what I consider a long and lasting friendship with someone who is an expert and leader in her field of facial plastic surgery and who is a wonderful and caring human being. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better for me. Dr. Kontis is a very, very special person who gives and gives and then gives some more. The results of her work have been simply outstanding and I am so very thankful for that one moment in time that brought us together. *Individual results may vary.

– B. D, Glen Burnie, Maryland

Thanks to Dr. Kontis for doing such an amazing job on my face. I’m extremely happy with the results. I’m so impressed with your entire staff. Everyone treated me so kindly. I think you are truly gifted and I’m thrilled that you’re my surgeon. *Individual results may vary.

– J.K., Baltimore, Maryland

I really can’t thank Dr. Kontis enough! You have given me my youth back, thanks for all your efforts and expertise. You’re an incredible physician and an even better person, which is pretty amazing! I’ll keep spreading the word about you guys. *Individual results may vary.

– L. C, Cockeysville, Maryland

Thank you for your kind and compassionate care of my mother. The medical profession is better with you in it. *Individual results may vary.

I.L., Ellicott City, MD

Thank you for being so thorough and understanding. I am so thankful I have all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together now. *Individual results may vary.

– L.U., Owings Mills, MD

Dear Dr. Kontis,

This is just a quick note to thank you for all your efforts on my father’s behalf. You took the time to look at him even though his ailments were not in your area of expertise. You also recommended him to an excellent specialist and he was able to have the necessary surgery. I cannot tell you how relieved he is. You literally saved the day and my father and I are most grateful. *Individual results may vary.

– A.A., Gaithersburg, MD

Dear Dr. Kontis:

I am utterly excited with the injections. Yesterday I got my first comment saying that I looked 10 years younger. *Individual results may vary.

– A.U., Baltimore, MD

Dear Dr. Kontis,

Thank you for your kindness, encouragement, and medical expertise. *Individual results may vary.

– R.I., Westminster, MD

Dear Dr. Kontis,

Saying thank you does not seem quite adequate for the changes you and your staff have made in my life during the past year. When I think back to how I looked last year pre-surgery, I can’t believe the positive changes. THANK YOU DR. KONTIS!! And I would be remiss in not mentioning your office staff. Thanks to all of you for always being very friendly and accommodating. *Individual results may vary.

– O.I., Mount Airy, MD

Dear Theda,

Congratulations on recently being named to the board of directors for GBMC HealthCare, Inc. You must be pleased that your highly regarded work and dedication to the organization have been recognized and rewarded with this honor.

You are making an important contribution to our great state of Maryland and I applaud you. Please be assured of my deepest appreciation for your achievement.

If I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, I extend my congratulations and best wishes to you for continued success in all your endeavors. *Individual results may vary.


– Peter Franchot (Comptroller of Maryland)

Dear Dr. Kontis,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me. You were so kind, caring, compassionate, and GENTLE! I am so grateful to you. I got to see firsthand why you come so highly recommended. I want you to know that you did such a fabulous job on my face; I was able to go to a fundraiser the following week! Thank you and God bless you! *Individual results may vary.

–O.E., Wilmington, DE


I tried exercise; I tried lotions and creams, but I knew I needed something more to build up my fading self-esteem,

I felt fine; my doctors said I was in good health; yet every time I looked at my face in the mirror, I wanted to scream.

Then I met Doctor Kontis (at Timonium Fair); she was kind and patient and her qualifications were impressive,

So, I thought and I prayed; I put my hand in the hand of God and Doctor Kontis and then I became more aggressive.

She said to start with the Obagi facial treatments until I decided what to do,

I talked and talked and questioned and questioned; she listened, explained, and comforted; she walked me through

Today, two weeks after surgery, those that know, say that I look twenty years younger; others think that I lost weight,

I’ve been told more changes are forthcoming; that I have a whole year to heal and I look forward to that date.

Thank you so very much Doctor Theda C. Kontis, for you have lessened so much of my strife,

It is impossible to adequately thank you for giving me A NEW LEASE ON LIFE. *Individual results may vary.

– N.W, Baltimore, MD

My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Kontis for a surgical consult because I was the victim of an unprovoked and brutal assault. I called her office and she saw me the next day outside normal office hours due to the severity of my injuries. After confirming surgery was necessary to repair multiple nasal fractures, Dr. Kontis insisted my ophthalmologist examine me for possible eye injuries due to the brutality of the assault. She called him herself and made an appointment for me the next day. *Individual results may vary.

Dr. Kontis called me at home the night before the scheduled surgery and said it was cancelled due to a power outage at the hospital because of extensive storm damage. She assured me that my surgery would take place the next day and she would find an available OR. Dr. Kontis called the morning of surgery, said she found a highly experienced anesthesiologist willing to come to her office and the surgery would be performed there. *Individual results may vary.

I came for my surgery and was immediately impressed with the professionalism, compassion and kindness of her staff. Dr. Kontis was waiting for me and surgery performed shortly after my arrival without complications. *Individual results may vary.

When Dr. Kontis removed the splint during my first post-op visit, I knew immediately from her warm smile that she was pleased with the results and the surgery was a success. *Individual results may vary.

A sincere thank-you to Dr. Kontis for your superb surgical skills that restored my appearance and to your staff for exceptional patient care. I wrote several months post-op because I wanted to include that my assailant entered a guilty plea at the criminal trial and his sentence included 10 years in prison for felony first-degree assault. *Individual results may vary.