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Dr. Papel’s Testimonials in Baltimore

THE BEST Rhinoplasty surgeon in the DC, VA, MD area! AMAZING!!!! Dr. Ira Papel is absolutely brilliant. He is a true MASTER in the field of Rhinoplasty. I came to Dr. Papel after visiting over 30 surgeons in D.C.,VA,MD and even FL, CA and outside the US. I did A LOT, over 2 years, of research before deciding on the right partner for this journey of changing my nose. Dr. Papel was the first doctor who sat with me from the beginning, explained in full detail with graphs and clear language his approach, and suggestions to my needs. He LISTENED very clearly on my desires. He took the images he needed, He examined those images with me and together we came with a plan of action for the desired results. I was even able email him additional questions and concerns and within a couple of hours he responded. If you are looking to do a rhino I would visit Dr. Papel. He has set the standard very high for all plastic surgeons. Thank you, Dr. Papel, you have changed my life! *Individual results may vary.

I have used other plastic surgeons in the past, but Dr. Papel really stands out. He is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and really personable. He takes his time with every patient and goes to great length to explain the desired procedure. Of course every patient is concerned about the outcome of their surgery but I can assure you that Dr. Papel produces remarkable results. Dr. Papel performed rhinoplasties for both my son and daughter and the results were truly amazing. He did exactly what he said he would do and I couldn’t have been more pleased. And it’s no surprise that his staff is just as professional, courteous and friendly. I can’t say enough about my wonderful experience with Dr. Papel and his office staff. Highly recommend! *Individual results may vary. – E.L.

This will be my 4th surgery. I was treated very well. Dr. Papel thoroughly explained the issues and the procedure. He was a great listener and felt as though he had great compassion for my situation. He truly understood that I am in a frustrated place and put me at ease. *Individual results may vary. -M.S.

Dr. Papel was very clear and precise on explaining the cause and correction of my problem. -F.M. *Individual results may vary.

Dr. Ira Papel is very knowledgeable and I can trust him 100%. *Individual results may vary. -S.D

I have complete trust in this professional. Would not trust anyone else with my face! *Individual results may vary. -K.D

I was truly satisfied with the service that I received at Dr Papel’s office I would truly recommend family and friends. *Individual results may vary. -A.R

Dear Dr. Papel,

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my face. Although I am still healing, already I’m so happy with the results. You’re Incredible!!! *Individual results may vary. – F.G.

Dear Ira,

Dr. Ira Papel — Outstanding Physician / Surgeon!

I first consulted with Dr. Ira Papel about what services he felt would benefit me the most as I expressed my wish to achieve a pleasing look to the eye without appearing artificial in any way. At that time, I was new to the field of aesthetics. After careful examination of my face, he suggested having services such as nasolabial fillers, Botox and most importantly starting a skin care regimen, which I did with a medical esthetician, Jeannine Stevens. I experienced very pleasing results and learned the importance of using the correct products to ensure a healthy looking complexion without makeup. Over several years time, as my skin lost its elasticity and the sagging became more noticeable, I decided on my own to investigate the rewards of reconstructive surgery. I attended Dr. Papel’s office seminar entitled, “Aging Gracefully!”

Let me say, with no reservations, Dr. Papel is a compassionate, plastic surgeon with a great bedside manner. He took a lot of time with me during my consultation since I had a lot of questions. He was very down to earth, respected what I had to say, and really listened. Never has he made me feel rushed. He uses the newest techniques and products. His staff is friendly, efficient and everyone is very professional. Dr. Papel has his own operating and recovery room. They are both very clean and beautiful. The operating room nurses are fantastic and all made sure to see to my comfort.

There is a valuable co-ordination of services immediately following surgery with your very first follow-up appointment: the day-after-surgery. Jeannine Stevens, a medical esthetician, reviews your surgery and is instrumental in monitoring your healing. Now 3 months post-surgery, my more youthful look matches my attitude and I frequently receive the RIGHT kind of compliments, i.e., “Did you just come back from a vacation? You look so rested.” Dr. Papel’s vast knowledge and experience will give you amazing results. He is a very gifted surgeon who does exceptional work. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr. Papel. Go for a consult; you’ll be convinced. It was a rewarding experience!! *Individual results may vary.

Dear Ira,
Thank you so much for making my procedure affordable, safe, painless and rewarding. Your staff is amazing. Leaving there after surgery is like walking out of a spa. This could be addicting. *Individual results may vary.

My Dearest Dr. Papel,
I am writing this letter to thank you for your contribution in helping me to afford my procedure. I have talked to a lot of physicians over the last months; after one visit with you, I was convinced that you were the one.
From the very first visit, I felt so much more knowledgeable and had a realistic picture of what I wanted. You made certain that I was informed and that we were both on the same page together. Your staff is so professional and warm, always making me feel like I was that one important patient. I just can’t express the appreciation I have for the work you do, and what you’ve done for me. As a physician, you are so kind and caring, making sure I had all my answers, and one more important factor that a lot of doctors miss is bedside manner, making their patient feel confident and comfortable, yours is just wonderful!
With all the years you’ve done this work and all the affluent and important people you’ve worked with, I feel so blessed to have you as my Doctor. You didn’t just give me what I wanted; you gave me what I’ve needed. I am so happy with our results. Over so many years of feeling just not myself when I looked in the mirror, I don’t have to shy away from pictures, or glances from people anymore that had always made me so self-conscious.
At the end of this letter is Gratitude, thank you so much and may your blessings be as bountiful as your kindness. *Individual results may vary.

Dear Dr. Papel,
I want to give you special thanks for taking such good care of my sister. Not only did you make her beautiful (I knew you’d do that!) you made her comfortable, and you decreased her worries many times over. I really couldn’t have chosen a better match for her. Your temperament, kindness, and your amazing skills as a surgeon can’t be surpassed. I want to thank Melanie also as well as the rest of your amazing staff. Again, many many thanks! *Individual results may vary.
-J.T. Baltimore, MD

Dear Dr. Papel,
I wanted to thank you for the surgery you performed on me to fix my broken nose last month. The rhinoplasty you performed on me in 2003 changed my life! Its effect on me has been priceless, and I am forever grateful to you. And now in 2011, it was such a relief to know that you could help me once again. *Individual results may vary.
Thank you! Sincerely yours,
– J. W

Dear Dr. Papel:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for providing exceptional customer care. Words cannot express what a wonderful experience I had and continue to have in working with you and everyone in your office
I realize now that the anxiety and trepidation I felt prior to surgery on July 2, 2008 was completely unfounded. The surgery was painless as well as post-surgery. Your staff was compassionate and understanding and Dr. Chien was incredible and addressed all of my fears and concerns.
Thanks to you, Dr. Papel, my operation was so successful that when the bandages were removed I could not help getting overwhelmed and tearful. I will be recommending you and your staff to everyone I know.
I want to especially thank Dr. Chien, Beth Mashburn, Dr. Agrawal, Melanie Rubin, Stephanie Carrion, and anyone else I may have forgotten. Thank you all for taking such good care of me and turning a stressful situation into a positive experience. *Individual results may vary.

– R. M.

I chose Dr. Papel to do my surgery because he came very highly recommended by someone my father knew. I have been very pleased with the rhinoplasty surgery to correct a deviated septum and to slim my nose down a little. It has been years now, and I’m still very happy with it. I can’t be grateful enough for the beauty Dr. Papel helped fashion for me or for the courage that went with it. *Individual results may vary.
– M. S, Washington, DC

Four months after Dr. Papel performed surgery on my face; I want to report to you that I am completely recovered and receiving wonderful compliments on the results. Those who knew I was having the procedure feel I look ten years younger. Others who did not know tell me how youthful I look for being 60 years old. Most importantly is the way I feel, and I cannot thank you enough. Women are very critical of themselves, and I am no exception. I can now look in the mirror and feel good about aging gracefully.
An unexpected result of this procedure is being more conscience of my complete appearance. Exercise, diet, grooming, and wardrobe have all been addressed.
Your staff was wonderful. They were kind, professional, understanding and informative. Jeannine has me on a regimen which seems to be improving my skin, moreover, enhancing the work you have done. We are in contact by phone.
This baby boomer is more than satisfied with your services and would recommend you with no reservations. My best regards to you and your staff. Your kindness will not be forgotten. *Individual results may vary.
– W.W.M., Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Papel is a phenomenally skilled surgeon! And highly personable. In my opinion, he is a leader in his field, confident, competent and experienced in current facial surgery procedures. Dr. Papel performed reconstructive nasal surgery to repair a botched rhinoplasty surgery that disfigured my nose and inhibited my ability to breathe. He performed nasal valve reconstruction with auricular cartilage graft, brow lift and facelift. The results exceeded my expectations. My nose has been restored to a natural look, and I am able to breathe 100% better than before surgery. I am 50 years old and have the rested youthful look of a 20 year old! Dr. Papel and his staff are great. I highly recommend Dr. Papel and his Facial Surgery Center. *Individual results may vary.
– Anonymous, Silver Spring, Maryland

Dear Dr. Papel,
I want to thank you for the “tender loving care” with which you treat me. Each and every time I leave your office, I remind myself what a really exceptional doctor you are. Not only are you a gifted surgeon, but your “bedside manner” is unparalleled. You never make me feel less than important and never rush your time with me as many other physicians do. Your consideration of my financial situation is greatly appreciated. *Individual results may vary.

If you ever need a referral, please do not hesitate to give out my number. I will be more than happy to sing your praises. You’re the best! *Individual results may vary.
Best regards,
–B. M.